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We caught up with Brother Ron Scafe ’77. With the help of his dad, Warren Scafe ’53 (who just turned 85), Ron gave us a “then and now” comparison of life at Delta Chi across the generations. From life in the house to sleeping quarters to sneaking a few “drinks” into Michigan football games, it is clear that the more things change, the more things really stay the same. Enjoy this father-son retrospective.

When did you live in the house?

Warren: ’51-’52
Ron: ’75-’77

What are some of your fondest memories of Delta Chi at Michigan:

Warren: Coming back for many homecomings, usually with a group of other Delta Chi brothers including Bob Killenberger, Lyle Nelson, Bob Ziggenfelder and George Owers, all from the class of '52. I recall waking up in the upper dorm with snow on the floor (we all slept in the bunks upstairs, not in the rooms). In the ’50s, we kept the booze hidden in the ceiling by the bar downstairs.

Ron: There are a lot of memories: John Russell's homemade chocolate chip cookies, our own Coke machine in the basement that was always well stocked (10 cents) and serenading the local sororities, long hours in the study hall (next to the furnace room). I bought the first smoke alarm (battery was $50). Room and board (20 meals/week) was $168.00 per month. I also remember finding my bed (sofa couch) mysteriously placed on the front lawn after a long night at the bars. I think Pliska (Bob ’75) was the culprit, but no one ever saw it happen.

What are your memories of Homecoming and football games?

Warren: Homecoming would include making a Delta Chi float for the parade. For the football games, we would all have our thermos bottles filled with hot toddies.

Ron: We would combine a rush party with homecoming (drinking age was 18 then). Our generation would just carry in a bottle of wine or six-pack of beer and enjoy the fragrant aromas filtering up in the end zone seats. Frank Morrey ’64 and Dan Maher ’76 were also there for most of those homecomings, which eventually ended up in the drinking room.

What are your thoughts on the changes across generations and the new house?

Ron: Times have definitely changed. We spent a lot of time renovating the old house, and it was an old house back in the ’70s. It is amazing that same the house was still standing in 2015. It is also equally impressive that the Delta Chis from the past have stepped forward to build a new house to carry on the tradition to future generations of Delta Chis and to enable them to create their own memories. Many thanks to the efforts of the Building Corp. and the fundraising efforts of our alumni. Looking forward to Homecoming 2016!

Photo: Ron (left) and Warren Scafe celebrate Warren’s 85th birthday.