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Veteran’s Day is less than three months away. That would be a good time to send a note of thanks to brothers such as Scott Leak ’77 for their lifetime commitment of service to our nation.

The son of an Albion College Sigma Nu alum, Scott lived in the DX house his sophomore, junior and senior years with Brothers Kendall Russell ’77 and John Monforte ’76.

“It was a fun time,” Scott describes. “The members ranged from ROTC folks, band folks and regular folks (not that the others weren't ‘regular’). I remember always having someone around who was ready and willing to go party when the studying was done.” Some brothers may remember a particular Coke bottle “battle” with Sigma Nu across the street which left Scott with a small souvenir. We’ll leave it at that.

Following graduation, Scott took a bartender job in a saloon in Butte, Mont. Scott went on to travel extensively in his 20 years with the Army (counterintelligence) and 16 years with the Defense Intelligence Agency. He retired from the Army as a chief warrant officer in counterintelligence and has lived in the U.S., Germany, the U.K. and Norway.

In 2002, Scott married wife Jeannine M. Juhnke. Jeannine is also retired from the Army life and has since started her own “good food from fresh ingredients” blog, Jeannine’s Cuisine. When not enjoying one of Jeannine’s exceptional dishes, Scott enjoys reading, riding his motorcycle and shooting. He also stays in touch with Kendall Russell and Ron Scafe ’77.

Scott would like to share a few words of advice to his younger brothers. “Major in something that will get you employed. My major (Russian and Eastern European Studies) was interesting, but ultimately worthless for work.”

Scott invites brothers to connect with him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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