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"It was the early ’80s. MTV had been introduced, Michigan was continuing its dominance over Ohio State (Michigan leads the rivalry 58-46-6) and then there is that stealth operation to bury Greg “Pode” Roda’s (’83) motorcycle in the backyard. Today, Jim Slawson ’82 is the medical director of a Medicaid HMO in southeast Wisconsin. He has great memories of his days at Delta Chi and has shared those with us … in his own words.

I recall the old house at 1705 Hill Street was not as impressive as some of the others; yet, we thought it was perfect for a fraternity, and I felt right at home.

I rushed Delta Chi Michigan in late 1978. At the time, it was not among the larger fraternities on campus. The brothers were diverse academically, although it seemed to be a higher percentage of engineering students. At the time, the fraternity was somewhat challenged in maintaining membership, but I recall the Greek system in the university overall was challenged.

I have many good memories. There were many late nights playing pool or ping-pong in the basement. I remember we spent too much time in the TV room watching MTV. Music videos were the new thing then, especially New Wave music and, of course, the many parties. We had an active little sister’s program. Many of them were as much a part of the family as the brothers were. And, of course, football games were associated with it.  

I can’t talk about fond memories without highlighting our cook, J.R. There is no doubt that any Delta Chi who stayed in the house when he was the cook would say the same thing. I still miss his breakfast-to-order that came with a dose of his life philosophy or advice.  

One year, we invited the Delta Chi’s from Ohio State to come stay at our house the weekend of the Michigan-Ohio State game. They came Saturday morning, and the plan was to have a big party after the game Saturday night. Michigan beat Ohio State, and all the Ohio State Delta Chis were so mad they left right after the game to go home.

Another fond memory of my time as a Delta Chi was when a bunch of brothers and little sisters took a road trip to northwest Michigan to go canoeing on the Pine River. Overall, we had a great time. The second day of our trip, the river was fast because it had rained the night before. Brother Steve Smith ’80 and I were in the canoe following Brother Nelson and one of our little sisters. Going fast around a bend, their canoe tipped over, and when the little sister fell out, she was swept underwater below a log jam. Both Steve and I jumped in the water and pulled her out. The rest of the trip, we were called the “canoe-a-medics.”    

I also have to mention a story someone else recently told earlier. It was the time Brother Greg Roda ’83 buried his motorcycle in the back yard of the house. I recall us holding a memorial service and tequila being involved. If I remember correctly, there is at least one empty tequila bottle buried along with the motorcycle. 

From 1984 to 1988, I attended Wayne State University School of Medicine. After that I complete a three-year residency in family medicine at the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee and then attended the University of Pittsburgh for a year fellowship.

After my fellowship in Pittsburgh, I accepted a faculty position back in Milwaukee with Medical College of Wisconsin; I am currently a full- time faculty member there. Over the years, I’ve held many positions — first, a medical director for one of the residency clinics, then a residency program director for their family medicine residency. Currently, I’m the medical director of a Medicaid HMO in southeast Wisconsin; however, I still see patients and teach resident physicians and medical students at MCW. 

Through all of his conquests, both academic and professional, Brother Slawson has remained a devoted family man.

I met my wife, Nancy, during my residency in Milwaukee, and, yes, she’s a nurse. She’s from the area, which is why I live here. We have three children. Our oldest is Amy, age 23. She is finishing a double major in biomedical engineering and computer science at the University of Wisconsin in Madison. Currently, she’s interviewing for jobs with Google, LinkedIn and Intuit, respectively. Matt, our 20-year-old, is attending University of WI Milwaukee, studying geography. Will, our youngest at 15, is a sophomore in high school. 

I find a greater sense of accomplishment from being a father and raising three great children than I do any success I’ve had in my career. This is not something I expected or would have understood way back in my college days."

Those wishing to contact Jim Slawson may do so via email, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..