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As a former DX chapter president, Brother Matt Williams ’06 has acquired some valuable wisdom in his short 12 years since helping to found the new DX colony in 2003. #1: Stay to the end. One of his fondest memories is the Michigan-Michigan State game of 2004 where Michigan came back from 17 points down in the fourth quarter. He and his DX brothers decided to stay, and they are so glad they did. #2: Currently the deputy communications director for a U.S. senator, he has this to say: “Don't post dumb pictures on your social media accounts — people will find them.” Read more from this new dad.

“My fondest memories were having an opportunity to be a founding father of the new colony in 2003. It was really amazing to be part of bringing Delta Chi back to the University of Michigan and being able to do it with my good friends and a supportive alumni corporation. We started with just nine brothers on a campus where other fraternities had hundreds of members. We knew that Delta Chi offered something special, and we worked very hard to grow the colony in my four years at U of M. I was very proud when the colony earned its charter to became a Chapter once again. It took four years, but we hit our goals and had fun doing it. Our chartering banquet took place the fall semester after I had graduated, but I made sure to be there. It was really a proud moment.”

Matt recalls that his fellow brothers were very competitive, so IM sports, especially broom ball, were very important. They were always undefeated in broom ball during the regular season, but every year, they would lose in the first round of the playoffs.

As stated above, one of his fondest memories is of the 2004 Michigan-Michigan State game. “We came back from 17 points down with less than nine minutes to go in the fourth quarter. It was Halloween weekend and a large group of brothers all had tickets together. Most of the student section cleared out before the comeback, but we all talked each other into staying and seeing it out to the finish. It was something I will always remember.”

Matt lived in the house with Brother Pat Forrest ’06. They were best friends in high school and college and remain best friends to this day.

“I stay in touch with a number of Delta Chi brothers. We are spread out across the country, so I don’t see them in person very often but thank goodness for social media. I am still a Michigan football season ticket holder, so I see Pat Forrest, Brian Cloutier ’06 and Andy Yen ’06 at a number of games each year.”

Following graduation, Matt started working as a press assistant on U.S. Senator Debbie Stabenow’s 2006 campaign. He has continued to work for the senator and is currently a deputy communications director in Detroit, Mich. In 2011, he married wife, Amber, and they welcomed son, Max Robert, just one month ago. While being the best husband and father rank first of his life’s achievements, Matt also enjoys a good game of golf or poker … and ANY Michigan or Detroit sporting event.

“My role as a husband and father is by far more important to me than what I have been able to achieve in my career. My wife and son will always be there for me, and I don’t take that for granted. I have made many mistakes throughout the course of my life and career, but they’ve been small and have happened for a reason. I wouldn’t want to do anything over. I feel very comfortable to be on the path that I am on in life. I just want people to remember that I took care of my family and gave my son every opportunity to be successful. I also hope people will find value in my career in public service. I hope I worked hard to make Michigan a better place.”

To those brothers interested in a life of public service and/or politics, Matt encourages them to take an internship or volunteer while in college. “You make so many connections in just a few months. But remember to keep your head down and do the tasks you are given, however menial. Don’t think you will be briefing congressmen without working your way up that ladder.” And, one last word of advice to all brothers: “Don’t post dumb pictures on your social media accounts — people will find them.”

Matt invites brothers to connect with him at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..