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“DX was a small house of about 20-30 guys with great character, during my time,” says Jonathan Meyer ’87. “My favorite memories are the fall pig roasts, passing the gavel after Chapter meetings, the light, Dork and Wedge awards, initiation nights and going to White Castle afterward, bottle rocket fights, and just hanging out on the cascade in the old TV room.”

“There are too many shenanigans to remember, but the bottle rocket fights, trips to Chi Chi’s after Chapter meetings, winning Greek Week in 1986, kidnapping the pledges and taking them to MSU, and Doug Godbold’s ’86 bloody mary breakfasts, and apple fights on I-75 during the infamous DX Road Rally of 1987 come to mind,” says the DX Brother.

Meyer added that he lived in the house – Fireside, Hell and Heaven, to be exact with roommate Steve Sponseller ‘88, AKA “The Sponz.” Meyer had a nickname of his own – Snapper, given to him due to his propensity for snapping bolts off whenever I worked on cars.

“The Brotherhood nad lifelong relationships built make me the most proud,” said Meyer. “Even if we don’t get to see each other as often as we would like, it’s always great to get together with the old gang.

I stay in touch with Doug Godbold ’86, Paul Luch ’88, Darius Fadenelli ’89, Scott Imlach ’90, Brian Acebo ’87, Dave Gormley ’87, and a lot of folks who will be added to this in the coming years. Honorable mention must go to a much younger Michigan DX, Alan “Roo” Mitteer ’09, who ended up marrying my niece, Lauren DePolo.”

Meyer earned his undergraduate degree in General Studies/Liberal Arts in 1987. After college, he began working as an associate for a sleazy attorney in East Lansing.

“Yes, Lou, I am referring to you,” says the 1987 grad.

After graduating in 1987, Meyer attended grad school an obtained a J.D. from Detroit College of Law – now MSU College of Law in 1990, and an LL.M in taxation from Boston University School of Law in 1991. He worked for his private practice from ’92-’98. Other positions include:

  • Human Resources and Labor Relations Manager for the State of Michigan
  1. of correction ’98-‘02
  2. of Technology Management and Budget ’02-‘11
  3. of Attorney General ’11-‘15
  • Flint Mass Transportation Authority- Legal Counsel/Chief Human Resources Officer- ’15-present

“I have lived in Farmington Hills, Northville, and Okemos, MI,” said Meyer. “I have two boys: Jake, 20, who is a junior in MSU’s Army ROTC and concurrently serving in the National Guard, and Casey, 18, who is also studying at MSU – go figure. I am married to Cheri, who has tolerated me for the past 25 years, works for the State of Michigan Department of Environment Quality as an Environmental Quality Analyst. She is a proud Hoosier who is a graduate of Indiana University in 1990 who I met in 1989 while she was taking some summer classes at the University of Michigan.

I enjoy fantasy football, road trips in convertibles, Rocky and Bullwinkle, and visiting microbreweries.”

Meyer states his life’s biggest success is being married to his best friend for 25 years and raising two great young men together.

“Even though they go to MSU, I still love them,” he added jokingly.

“I’m not really sure we have failures in life,” says the DX Brother. “Just situations for us to learn from. That’s my line, anyway, and I’m sticking to it. It’s OK to not have a plan for your life. Be true to who you are, be kind and generous to those around you, and enjoy the ride. I want people in 50 years to remember me as a smile, a good time, and a friend who was always there. I have 20 years of HR-related legal experience, and I am willing to help out any Brothers whose careers or personal interests may cross paths with mine.”

Those wishing to reach Jonathan can do so at 517.243.5356 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.