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What were the best nicknames you called your brothers and how did they come about?  

When's the last time you saw a Michigan Chapter brother in person? Who were you with, where were you, and what was the occasion? Do you have a photo from that day? 

What do you remember about the top social event the year you graduated? Do you remember your date? Did you happen to marry them? 

What was Delta Chi known for during your time at Michigan? 

Read on to find out how other Michigan Chapter of Delta Chi alumni answered these questions.  

Tom French ‘57

Update: I just mailed an article published in the Vermont Bar Journal after having won the 2020 Pro Bono Service Award, which is the highest accolade that the Vermont Bar Association awards to any lawyer.  I spent my legal career as a lawyer, first as an Air Force Judge Advocate from 1961 to 1965 stationed at Hunter Air Force Base in Savannah, Georgia followed by a promotion from First Lieutenant to Captain and a three year tour of duty in Wiesbaden, Germany.  I then went into private practice in Brattleboro, Vermont for 50 years.  My practice was mostly local and general, but as I like to say, I had at least one piece of business in each continent except Antarctica during my practice.  Most of the international practice was in several European countries, but the practice also included broad regions of Russia, and a little bit in China, Australia, Egypt, and Brazil among other countries.  The third prong of my practice was representing disabled veterans in their claims for monetary compensation which was the reason why I received this award.  I have only one outstanding claim which I expect to win.  My record on disability claims is 17 wins, 9 with 100% disability ratings, one each with 90% 80% 50% and 40% and 3 with 70% ratings.  All told, my efforts have extracted in excess of $1,000,000.00 in lifetime monthly income tax free benefits from the VA.  I am now very nearly retired.

Jonathan Meyer (MCSC) ‘87

Nicknames: My Nickname was Snapper.  It was coined by Doug Godbold ‘86 after some unsuccessful attempts at auto repair, as I had a habit of snapping bolts off my old 67 Firebird. Other nicknames were: Steve Sponseller ‘88 was The Sponz, David Gormely ‘87 was The Gorm, Scott Imlach ‘90  was Scooter and sometimes Skippy, Steve Kaprelian was Kappy.

Last time you saw a classmate: In May or June I had lunch with John Heathfield ‘86 and Kin Cheung ‘85 in Lansing, MI.  There were some pics taken, but I did not get them.

Top social event: I remember having our formal in Windsor, Ontario Canada, with my Date Mary Ellen Rix and hanging out with Pete Fogler ‘89.

What Delta Chi was known for: A whole lot of engineers, pretty good parties, and great friendships.

Dennis Carr ‘96

Nicknames: They called me Deenis or DeeDee. 

Last time you saw a classmate: I would see Sri all the time until COVID hit. We visit each other at least a couple of times a year. We met in Vegas a couple of years ago but he lives in A2 so I come up for games all the time. Pictured is, Ron Virtue '95, Rick Sansburn '95, Matt Holden '95, myself, John Wiktor '96, Bryan Quinn '95, Srikaran Reddy '95. All brothers.

By coincidence one of the teachers I supervised at work was a Brother from the Findlay chapter, his name is Steve Macek. 

Top social event: It wasn't the year I graduated but in my junior year, we had Winter Formal in Toronto and saw Phantom of the Opera and had a nice dinner. I still have the glassware we had made. I did not marry that date, she lives in Atlanta now and works for the CDC. We're still friends.

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