Alumni Updates

Martin Heger ‘87- See You In Ann Arbor!

I graduated from Michigan in 1987 with an AB in Economics. I began my college experience as a Saxophone Performance major in the School of Music but switched to LSA at the end of my freshman year. My experience on north campus was not what I had been expecting, especially since I insisted on living on central campus for fear of “missing out on something”. Music School was great, but I didn’t feel I was heading in the right direction or having the college experience I had been anticipating.

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Delta Chi And My Life

By Thomas J. Michalski, Michigan ‘56

When I arrived as a freshman in Ann Arbor, after driving with my parents from my home in Wisconsin, I enjoyed a friendly welcome.  In 1951, the GI Bill vets had left; the total University of Michigan student body was 17,000 in a sleepy little college town.  My tuition was double that of $90 for in-state students -- and both included football tickets.  For that education!  In that place!

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