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Alan Knaus ’66: This I Remember

"I grew up in Allen Park, Michigan. My parents were long-time season ticket holders of Michigan football, so it was kind of expected that I go to school there. I attended from September 1962 through December 1966, graduating with a degree in Industrial Engineering. I lived in West Quad Adams House my freshman year and the next three years in the Chapter House. I was Athletic Chairman as a sophomore, “D” as a junior and lived in Fireside with Ken Majchrzak '66. I was “A” as a senior and lived in the basement room with John Holmes '65. After graduation, I hired in at Ford Motor Company and spent 40 years there in IT before retiring in 2007.  I’ve lived in Ann Arbor since 1976.  I have three sons, one of which joined Delta Chi while at Wisconsin. In recent years, I’ve been the VP of the Building Corp. and President of the Alumni Board of Trustees working with the chapter officers. I’d be pleased to reconnect with the brothers from my era (734) 996-1718 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

My memory is far from perfect, so please forgive me if everything isn’t quite how it actually happened. This I Remember:"

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Wayne Nelson D.D. S. ’89: “[I hope you remember] that I always pushed the envelope of fun”

Wayne Nelson D.D.S. ’89 is certainly well-known for his sense of humor, including his wanting to be hazed upon pledging, in spite of DX’s policy. Since he joined Delta Chi Michigan, Wayne has been involved in, and more than likely instigated, plenty of shenanigans with his fellow brothers, who he still keeps in touch with today. His biggest success in life is his daughter, who happened inherit his uncanny sense of humor.

Click below for a full Q&A with Wayne about his time in the chapter and what he’s been up to since.

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