Alumni Updates

I did not "Bird-Dog" John Ambrose ’65 in getting the date with Mary!

Despite tales of his DX Brothers, Roger Premo ’65, sets the record straight.

The fraternity in the 1962-1965 era was small, friendly, and packed with a good number of witty people, including Barry “Little Magoo” McGuire ’65, Jim Richhart ’64, Mickey Maas ’66, Frank Morrey ’64, Duncan Kretovich ’66, and several others (including their companions such as Donna McGuire.) It was a great oasis to have on a large university campus.  We could have used a few more members because we had to work hard to keep the house suitably filled and to field men for IM sports.  When I was athletic chairman, I had to play every IM sport myself to be sure that we fielded a team.

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Martin Heger ‘87- See You In Ann Arbor!

I graduated from Michigan in 1987 with an AB in Economics. I began my college experience as a Saxophone Performance major in the School of Music but switched to LSA at the end of my freshman year. My experience on north campus was not what I had been expecting, especially since I insisted on living on central campus for fear of “missing out on something”. Music School was great, but I didn’t feel I was heading in the right direction or having the college experience I had been anticipating.

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Delta Chi And My Life

By Thomas J. Michalski, Michigan ‘56

When I arrived as a freshman in Ann Arbor, after driving with my parents from my home in Wisconsin, I enjoyed a friendly welcome.  In 1951, the GI Bill vets had left; the total University of Michigan student body was 17,000 in a sleepy little college town.  My tuition was double that of $90 for in-state students -- and both included football tickets.  For that education!  In that place!

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